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Samarkand Restaurant, Infantry Road, Bangalore

Gem Plaza, 66, Infantry Road, Bangalore


About Samarkand Restaurant, Infantry Road, Bangalore

A rugged terrain. An earthy people. A fascinating culture. And a rich cuisine. The North West Frontier is famous for all of these. Samarkhand serves the flavours of this frontier in great style in India's Garden City. From the tastefully put together interiors to the trademark hospitality of staff dressed in spiffy sherwanis and turbans to the delightfully varied spread, Samarkhand is an experience you won't forget in a hurry. The food is inspired by the adventurous people of Mongolia, Afghanistan and Samarkand, but wonderfully adapted for the Indian palate. Samarkhand's also has a well-stocked bar that serves some exotic specialties such as angoori nasha and iran-e-gulbadan besides the regular range of cocktails, wines and liquour. The restaurant's desserts, such as bakhlava and khubani ka meetha, a traditional Afghani preparation of apricots, are a perfect way to end a great meal. So popular is the Samarkand fare and so renowned the menu that nothing has changed since

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