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Hans kumar

Patliputra Air Charter Pvt Ltd Provides The Services Of Aircraft Charter in India. It has spread across a diversified pool of more than 500 Aircraft including Executive Jet ,Business Jet ,Private Jet ,Corporate Jet ,Air Taxi ,and Air Ambulance Services & Helicopter Charter in India & overseas From cities like Delhi ,Mumbai ,Chennai ,Kolkata,Hyderabad ,Bangalore ,Ahmadabad,Baroda,Surat,Nagpur,Bhopal, Jabalpur,Raipur,Lucknow,Ranchi,Patna ,Gaya ,Varanasi,Guwahati ,Bagdogra and other cities.Whatever you have in mind, and wherever you're looking to fly, with Patliputra Air Charter, you’ll make the right choice.
To book your charter for an upcoming business trip or retreat, contact call 
+91 9891646533 or contact Patliputra Air Charter, via email-  info@patliputraaircharter.com / patliputra456@gmail.com. Our dedicated team are available 24/7 to accommodate your every need.

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