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Srinivasa trips provides tirupati visits from Chennai. Our very well-known journey contains designed transportation, transportation accomodation and tirupati balaji dharshan.

TIRUPATI TOUR – A World famous Spiritual Pilgrimage to Tirumala

Tirupati tour is the popular tour and the most ancient pilgrimages spot in India. Tirupati is in chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, India, situated at the seventh top of the Tirumala hill- Venkatachala, the temple of Tirupati is a popular Hindu temple. It is estimated that about 50,000 people visit the temple daily and about 1,000,000 people in festive season.Otherwise Chennai to Tirumala Tirupati Tour people visit the temple daily and about more than 25,000 people in festive season It is considered as the richest temple on this planet. Tirupati town has 7 hills which appear as a snake on seen from top with the last of the seven hills trying just like the hood of a snake during which the temple of Tirumala--additionally called Tirupati Balaji Temple and Sri Venkateswara Temple-- is located for which Tirupati is properly-known throughout the world. In north it is more commonly known as balaji whereas in south it’s popular as govinda. The Tirumala is known to present the seven hoods of Adisesha, the snake under whose hood lord Vishnu resides.
In Hindu religion the Tirupati temple has special place. In kalyuga the importance of Tirupati is mentioned in puranas and Vedas. Lord Vishnu’s worship is considered as the source of mukti in India. The popular cultural heritage in South India is fabulous holiday vacation for the country people. The splendid sculptures, traditional dance, historical temples which offer the rich culture of South India. The tourist places around South will discover with the real pleaser of this part of India. You can visit various places, which are looking scenic attraction, historical monuments, temples, sea beaches, wild life century, hill stations and ayurveda centers. You can see the different destinations to travel in South India trip. These are most famous among the holiday vacation to south Indian states. It is also called as the god's own country.
There is always some do’s and don’ts to be followed while visiting Tirupati, one should respect and do not wear inappropriate clothing, consume alcohol, eat meat, egg and fish (non-vegetarian food) considered as meat in Hindu religion, wear flowers - all flowers are for the Lord only, Spit or litter or create any kind of nuisance, carry mobile phone/camera/pager/video camera etc.
It is said that turning point comes in people life who visit from Chenai to Tirupati balaji Temple. By the grace of lord balaji, impossible things are made possible and happy people offer greetings in form of gifts, silver gold coins and jewellery. Thus daily collection exceed one crore at Tirupati. Many people give a vow to the lord that they will give away the prestigious hair if their wishes are fulfilled. Some people walk from foot of Tirupati hills to the temple. For VIPs and rich people special facilities are available for the sacred darshan of balaji. On holidays, Saturday, Sunday there are many people who come from different parts of India to visit Tirupati. Also advance booking for Chennai to Tirupati tour is available from all places and online booking facilities are also available. In the month of October, brahmotsavam is celebrated for nine days.

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