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Srinivasatravels is one of the leaders in the journey business. We now provide you an online facility to book seats for chennai to tirupati package.

Online booking for tirupati darshan
One of the most visited temples of the religious India is considerably the esteemed Tirumala Tirupati temple wherein Lord Balaji is worshipped by millions of visitors aka pilgrims each year. The temple is considered the most important Hindu temple in the land of India. The temple is one of the richest temples in India and is considered the thumping heart of Southern India, with abounding visitors thronging in large numbers in all times of the year. Approximately 50 thousands to 1 lakhs of devotees are seen thronging the Tirupati Balaji Temple each day. During Brahmitsavam festivals, more than 5.5 Lakhs of people abound in the esteemed temple to savor the Lord’s blessings and celebrate the glory of the Almighty.
Packages in Vogue
There is a wide gamut of service providers who take into account a wide ambit of devotees throng to the temple, a large faction hailing from the middle class or higher classes. Hence enumerable online booking e-shops are abounding to aid the process of accommodation, Seva Services or Hundi services in economically viable, yet hassle-free ways. The operators provide the services in a feasible way by virtue of grotesque packages. The packages for Tirupati Darshan vary over a common gamut among all the legit online booking options. In many cases the Darshan begins from T.Nagar in Chennai. Tours to Tirupati Packages from Chennai is a one day trip and may comprise within a gamut of 950 to 1300 INR keeping in view the nature of the vehicles for transport and other legit ways viz. Air conditioned vehicles or non-air conditioned ones.
Pilgrims may choose to register online in the various e-portals for e-ticketing for Darshan to Tirupati Balaji Temple. The online process comprises payments for Sevas and/ or accommodation or payable at the Hundis. The pilgrims need to procure a valid username and password, post-registration to logon to the online sites.
In a period of 90 days a pilgrim can notch up tickets for solely 1 Seva and 1 accommodation in the procedural online booking for tirupati darshan. Besides a pilgrim applying online can maximally notch up 2 tickets for the same day per person. The Darshan e-counters procure advanced payment for Darshan for myriad sevas viz. Suprabhatam, Kalyanothsavam, Dolosthavam and so on. The details are described hereby though ideally the prices may vary in due course of time.
About Darshanams and Sevas in Balaji Temple
The myriad Arijitha Sevas may be ensured only after fetching tickets by virtue of current booking (for sevas to be doled out on the particular day or maximally to the next day) or advanced booking. The sevas Suprabhatam costs around 100 bucks (Current Booking) and 95 bucks (Advanced) round the week. Kalyanotsavam, Sahasra Deepalankarana Seva, Vasanthothsavam, Arjitha brahmothsavam and Unjal Seva (Dolothsavam) can be procured at fees ranging between 10 to 100 bucks. Nijapada Darshnam occurs only on Fridays whereas Tuesdays to Thursdays sees the occurrences of Archana Seva and Thomala Seva.
Pilgrims are offered Bahumanams for Online booking for tirupati darshan package, which vary between 2 small laddus to 2 large ones. However the fees charged bahumanams provided vary for myriad special ceremonies of seeking the blessings of Lord Tirupati Balaji. The security in the premises and the process of e-registration is humongous and includes novel ideas as biometric registrations, besides validating the documents of each visitor.

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