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purvidiscovery wrote this Blog titled "North East India Travel Operator | Purvi Discovery"

The North East of India is unique in various ways, including the lifestyle, the picturesque landscapes and the whole experience. Before you visit the North East, you will never be able to fathom how beautiful and enlightening your tour would be.

All you need is a trusted North East India travel operator who understands your specific needs and requirements, not to mention some additional travel quirks! This is where Purvi Discovery scores over others in the market: we stitch tours exclusively for you, even when you are a part of a group

As a company, we strongly believe in responsible tourism and have always kept in mind the importance of meaningful community participation, engagement and giving back. Our guests can visit local communities, engage with local people, enjoy local cuisines and experience different lifestyles, traditions, cultures and contexts. Moreover, during their stay in one of our tea-plantations in Assam, our guests can also chose to volunteer for and spend time with the children of a tea plantation primary school. We believe that a few hours a day of reading together, singing songs, dancing and playing sports with people from around the globe, can add immense value and open windows to the world for our children in the plantations, who are otherwise cut off from the rest of the world and are limited by deprivation and marginalisation.

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