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admin wrote this Blog titled "Aam aadmi party is political revolution!"

It is a fact that Indian politics has deteriorated over period of time since independence. Fight for independence was for a common cause and in the hope that people of India will enjoy good quality life. However, that did not happen and power came in the hands of capitalist and politicians who did not care about needs of general public. Over a period of time politics have even become worse and ugly with caste, reservation, religion playing bigger roles deciding about whom to vote rather than who can fulfill needs to common people. Nexus between industrialists, bureaucrats and politicians strengthened since all funding for election was from industrialists. People have a general feeling that politics is full of corrupt people.
Aam aadmi party came up with the great idea of public funding instead of funding from industrialists to avoid getting into same trap. This was the only way to break nexus between politicians and industrialists. The amount of funding AAP has got and the enthusiasm to contribute clearly shows that good days for this country are coming back. AAP has fielded all good candidates from all constituencies and expected to get good number of Lok Sabha seats. However, whether AAP comes to power or not, it has ignited aam aadmi who will definitely vote of good cause in this election or later on. Whoever comes in power will be forced to think several times hurting general public and will not take sensitive decisions to increase oil prices several times which resulted in high inflation.
AAP is a real political revolution and we should support this good cause.
Last but not the least, this is just my personal opinion and is not campaign for any political party.

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