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The PgMP credential requires advanced experience, skill and performance in the oversight of multiple related projects and their resources aligned with an organizational objective. PgMP credential holders oversee the success of a program — a way to group multiple, related projects to achieve benefits that may not be realized if the projects were managed in a stand-alone fashion.

One should pass two evaluations to obtain the PgMP credential.

Evaluation 1—Panel Review: Extensive application review by a panel of credentialed program managers to assess professional experience.

Evaluation 2—Multiple-Choice Examination:  The questions are based on Psychometric analysis and are majorly situational and scenario-based where many answers might appear correct but you have to give best answer.

Process and timeline to obtain PgMP credential:-

Application Submission – You will have 90 days to complete the application once you started. You would need to enter at least 6000 hours of project management and 6000 hours of program management hours along with references which PMI can reach out to verify.

Application completeness review – PMI will take 10 days to review the application for completeness.

Application Payment Process – Once application is accepted by PMI, you would need to pay the fee.

Audit Process – Once you pay fee, the application may be selected for audit process and if that happens, you will have 90 days to send audit materials based on requirement communicated by PMI.

Panel Review – The applications requires answers of five program management questions, one in each performance domain, which will be reviewed by a panel of PgMP credentialed program managers. If panel rejects, you will have one more chance to submit the answers for approval.

Multiple Choice Exam –  The exam should be taken within one year of approval in panel review. There are max of three attempts in the year to clear the exam.

Credential Cycle – This would begin the day you pass the exam and is for three years.

Credential Renewal – You would need 60 PDUs to renew credential within three years. Good thing is that if you have PMP also, both can be renewed with 60 PDUs only by paying renewal fees.

Credential Suspension – Credential will be suspended for a year after three years if not renewed.

Credential Expiration – Credential will expired at the end of one year suspension period if not renewed.

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